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YMK Foods takes pride in being a family owned and run business. In order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we have assembled a team of professional and experienced people in the food wholesale business. Our experience in food supply chain techniques as well helps us deliver customers’ orders with the lowest total landed cost. Our team members represent the highest level of achievement in their respective fields and are highly qualified to guide YMK Foods in both strategic and day-to-day planning.

YMK Foods allows buyers to mix and match products from over 600 manufacturers. The result is a lower inventory level and better turns and a win-win situation to all parties in the supply chain.

Buyers can now achieve economies of scale by just buying from YMK Foods. There is no longer a benefit from buying different container loads from separate distributors and incur extra transportation costs and higher inventory levels. You don’t have to worry about having overstock when you can purchase small quantities of thousands of several items right in one place. YMK Foods also provides transportation solutions. We work with reputable trucking companies to ship your order right to your port of loading as well as carriers for cheaper container shipping rates to your port of discharge.

Ask us about our all-units discount policy when you buy from YMK Foods. Just choose the products you need and we optimize the lowest price possible based on your quantities. A minimum of 5000 lb only is required if you choose to purchase less than a container load.